Best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Germany

Best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Germany

Vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming a more popular choice for people living in Germany, with more than 6 million people saying they were vegetarian in 2020, and almost 3 million vegans. Many people who don’t even follow a rigid vegetarian or vegan diet are choosing to eat less meat and dairy products, with reasons ranging from environmental concerns to animal welfare and even for some health benefits. 

Vegetarian and vegan eateries across Germany

Whether you’re a vegetarian or vegan, or if you’re simply looking to cut back on meat and dairy a little, Germany is home to some of the best chefs on the planet and the country is blessed with some truly creative vegetarian and vegan food pioneers. Here are some of our favourite vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Germany!

Veganism in Germany

Vegans typically avoid causing harm or cruelty towards animals, particularly in terms of food production, but also when it comes to clothing and beauty products. Vegans therefore oppose practices such as animal testing and the wearing of animal fur, for example. 

Vegan food often uses replacements for meat products such as tofu, tempeh, seitan, jackfruit and manufactured meat alternatives such as mycoprotein. Traditional German food can be adapted to accommodate vegan eaters, which many restaurants in Germany choose to do. Vegan dairy alternatives are also widely available, in the form of almond, oat or soy milk, and cheeses that use coconut oil as a base. 

Hummus vegan food in Germanty

Best vegan restaurants Germany

These are some of our favourite vegan restaurants in Germany. Of course, it’s impossible for us to list them all, but here are some we really love, in no particular order!

Berlin - 1990 Vegan Living

This restaurant is one of the highest-rated vegan restaurants in Berlin. With lots of healthy options and tasty foods served in an atmosphere reminiscent of a cosy Vietnamese home. Homemade organic meals that are crunchy, authentic and delicious can all be found in this great little spot in Berlin. Tapas that you can share with all your family and friends make this every vegan-food-lover's dream. The chicken wings will blow the mind of any vegan!

Cologne - Sattgrün

Sattgrün is a vegan buffet chain with outlets in Düsseldorf and Essen as well as Cologne. The food is 100 percent vegan and therefore none of the food or drinks contain lactose. Many of the dishes at Sattgrün are also gluten-free, meaning that this is a great place to go with friends who are vegan, coeliac or simply trying to cut down their cholesterol - healthy!


Hamburg - The Vegan Eagle

Not only does The Vegan Eagle serve tasty starters and mains, but this restaurant, based in Hamburg, also offers a wide selection of delicious vegan desserts too! The chefs at the restaurant pay special attention to the flavours and make sure the food tastes amazing enough to win over even non-vegans!

Munich - Dr Drooly

This millennial-chic restaurant with friendly staff sells tasty and fresh vegan pizza in the heart of Munich. Delivery is also available. Need we say more? 

Vegetarianism in Germany

Vegetarian diets are a little more straightforward than vegan - vegetarians simply don’t consume meat. Some cuisines lend themselves more to a vegetarian diet and therefore restaurants specialising in certain types of cuisine offer great options for those wishing to avoid meat. A lot of Indian cuisines, for example, is often lacto-vegetarian, meaning that while eggs are typically not included, dairy products and vegetables provide a tasty and flavourful meal. 

Best vegetarian restaurants in Germany

Here are some of our favourite vegetarian-friendly restaurants across Germany.

Berlin - KIM999

With almost five stars across more than 550 Google reviews, it’s clear that this vegetarian Vietnamese speciality restaurant is a crowd favourite in Berlin. Thanks to its broad menu, you can get a real taste for vegetarian cuisine and there’s even an option for some vegetarian sushi too!



Cologne  - Mashery - Hummus Kitchen

Daily fresh hummus and middle-eastern food that’s fairtrade, organic and homemade. This great gem is nestled in Cologne and is really popular with the locals. And the best part? You can even buy their fresh and delicious hummus to take home with you!



Frankfurt - Vevay

Vevay in Frankfurt scores highly with visitors for having friendly and attentive staff, as well as great food. This cosy kitchen serves up tasty, fresh vegetarian food at an affordable price, such as pasta, tempeh and risotto.


Hamburg - Nasch

Last but not least is Nasch, located in Hamburg. This cute and quirky cafe offers great vegetarian and vegan salads, sandwiches, pasta and more for hungry veggies passing by! The cafe offers a range of teas and coffee that can be consumed with cow's milk, or oat/soy milk for a vegan alternative. Be sure to check out the board for the day's specials!

Let us know your favourite food spots!

We could only name a few of our favourite vegetarian and vegan food spots, but there are many more brilliant plant-powered restaurants across Germany. Let us know your go-to vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the comments below!



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