Unemployment in Germany falls to pre-pandemic levels

Unemployment in Germany falls to pre-pandemic levels

Despite the global economic uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine, unemployment fell once again in Germany in April, finally falling below pre-pandemic levels. 

2,309 million unemployed in Germany in April 2022

According to figures released by the Federal Employment Agency on Tuesday, the number of people who are unemployed in Germany fell by 53.000 in April to a total of 2,309 million. The total number of unemployed people is now lower than before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In March 2020, 2,335 million people were registered as unemployed.

The Federal Employment Agency explained that the positive trend was linked to the end of most coronavirus restrictions in April and the “springtime revival” that is usual for this time of year, when the better weather creates more jobs in construction, agriculture and outdoor hospitality. 

Growth being slowed by Ukraine war

“With the spring revival and the easing of the corona measures, the recovery on the labour market is continuing,” said Detlef Scheele, the CEO of the Federal Employment Agency. “However, the development is being slowed down by Russia’s war against Ukraine.” 

The number of people being put on short-time working (Kurzarbeit) is growing once again. Between April 1 and 27, companies in Germany put an additional 120.000 people on reduced working hours; in February, the benefit was paid to 723.000 people, up from 654.000 in January. 



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