Where do Germany's expats live?

Where do Germany's expats live?

Where do Germany's expats live?

Have you ever wondered where in Germany all of the expats live? Sure, the greatest concentration tends to be in the country's bigger cities where the most jobs are, but do internationals usually head south for the mountains, Spätzle and beer, or north for beaches and Fischbrötchen?

Germany's foreign population, mapped

Luckily for us, every year the Federal Statistical Agency Destatis publishes detailed information of Germany's foreign population, right down to their age, country of origin and current Bundesland of residence. So, we took the information from their 2018 report and created a handy map which shows the most common countries of origin for Germany's foreign residents, and in which federal state they live.

You can also click on each federal state to see a breakdown of where the foreign population is from. Happy exploring!

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