Insurance in Germany

Insurance in Germany

As you might expect, there are many different types of insurance in Germany. In fact, the Germans have something of a reputation for being big fans of insurance! Some types of insurance are universal in Germany, meaning that it is compulsory to take out cover, although you are given a certain amount of control to choose your own provider.

Below is an overview of some of the kinds of insurance expats in Germany might encounter. While some are compulsory and must be taken out by everyone, others are optional. Before taking out any kind of insurance, it would be wise to compare different policies, premiums and excesses before making a final choice on your insurance provider.

German health insurance

Health insurance is universal in Germany, meaning that, by law, everyone needs to take out cover. If you are working in Germany, you will normally be signed up to a statutory health insurance scheme, to which your employer will contribute 50 percent of your premiums. If you are self-employed or a high-earner, you can opt for private health insurance.

National insurance

The German social security system is comprised of various forms of compulsory insurance. Everyone who is a waged employee in Germany makes mandatory contributions to these insurance schemes, which include:

In return, your contributions qualify you for an assortment of benefits and allowances in the case of inability to work due to accident, illness or old age.

Vehicle insurance in Germany

Anyone who drives a car in Germany is obliged to purchase at least minimal car insurance coverage. These kinds of policies will pay out in the case of you or your car causing damage to other people, cars or property. You can also choose more comprehensive cover that protects you in the case of accidental damage, theft and fire.

Life insurance in Germany

To ensure their dependents do not face financial difficulties in the event of their death, many people choose to take out life insurance. This type of insurance policy will pay out a pre-agreed lump sum of money to your named beneficiaries, should you die unexpectedly. 

Legal insurance in Germany

Protect yourself from legal disputes and feel confident asserting your legal rights, no matter the cost, with legal insurance. Legal insurance in Germany provides cover should you need legal advice or representation in court during a dispute with your neighbour, employer, a business, or someone else. 

Pet insurance in Germany

Medical bills for pets can quickly add up. On top of this, pet owners are liable with their personal assets for any damage their pets cause. For this reason, many people in Germany choose to take out pet insurance for their four-legged friends. 

Home insurance in Germany

Plenty of renters and homeowners in Germany also choose to take out home insurance, which protects you in unfortunate situations like house fires, extreme weather, theft and burglaries.  

German private insurance

While having other types of insurance cover is optional, it is a good way to arm yourself against any mishaps that life might throw your way. Different types of private insurance are available and cover a range of different situations, including disability insurance, travel insurance and liability insurance.

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