9-euro summer pass goes on sale for Berlin kids

9-euro summer pass goes on sale for Berlin kids

The activities pass, which grants kids in Berlin unlimited access to outdoor activities and workshops throughout the summer holidays, is now on sale in the capital.

Berlin kids get 9-euro activities pass

The so-called Super-Ferien-Pass ("Super Holiday Pass") is now available to all children under 18 who are registered at an address in Berlin. The pass, which costs 9 euros, grants children free access to all public swimming pools in Berlin and discounted access to 180 events and workshops, ice rinks, animal parks and zoos.

From June 26 the pass is available for purchase via the JugendKulturService, in any Berlin Rewe supermarket or at the local citizens’ office (Bürgeramt). Once the school summer holidays begin in Berlin on July 7, children can start using their pass, which is valid until the Easter holidays of 2024.

Berlin events organised for different age groups

The events and workshops that are available to children and teens with the pass have been designed to recognise the interests of different age groups. For that reason, there are some events that are restricted to certain age groups e.g. 14 years old or upwards, or only for children who are accompanied by an adult.

Once they receive their pass children can see which events, outings and workshops, such as poetry slams, trips to farms, sporting events and cinema visits, are available to their age group. All events for children aged 11 or younger are listed on one side of the pass, and on the other side, all events targeted at 11 to 18-year-olds.

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