Airbnb bans hosts from using indoor security cameras

Airbnb bans hosts from using indoor security cameras

Airbnb has announced that hosts will no longer be permitted to install indoor security cameras in rental properties. The new rules will apply from the end of April 2024.

Airbnb bans indoor surveillance cameras

From April 30, 2024, Airbnb hosts everywhere will no longer be allowed to install or use surveillance cameras inside their rental property, the San Francisco-based company has announced.

The international company said that the decision was “part of efforts to simplify our policy on security cameras and other devices and to continue to prioritise the privacy of our community”. 

Until now, Airbnb hosts were allowed to install cameras in communal areas, such as hallways or living rooms, but cameras were not allowed in bedrooms or bathrooms. Hosts were always required to make cameras in communal areas clearly visible and inform potential guests about surveillance cameras as part of the property’s online listing.

Outdoor surveillance will be subject to stricter rules

Under the new rules, Airbnb hosts will still be permitted to install and use outdoor surveillance, such as doorbell cameras and noise-decibel monitors, though these will also be subject to stricter rules. 

Hosts will now be required to declare the presence and general location of outdoor cameras and it will be forbidden to have cameras overlooking enclosed outdoor shower areas or saunas.

The changes come after growing concerns from individuals and advocacy groups over privacy in Airbnb properties and countless cases of Airbnb guests complaining to the company after discovering hidden cameras. In one 2016 case, a German woman sued Airbnb for negligence after discovering that her host had been illegally filming her during her stay at a rental accommodation in the US. 

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