Get a spotless home with Helpling

Get a spotless home with Helpling


Hand over household chores and keep living your life. Really, you’ll thank them for it!

Cleaning the house is nobody’s hobby, really. Or almost nobody’s. And while hiring a cleaner may sound like something for lazy people only, it has its advantages. There are plenty of better things to spend your time on than cleaning, especially if you have your hands full with your job or family. Enter Helpling. They can help you find a domestic cleaner in your own neighbourhood with ease.

What is Helpling?

Helpling is not a cleaning company, but an online marketplace where cleaners and customers can find each other. Via the platform, you can book a local cleaner in just a few clicks. You can select cleaners that suit your needs, based on your budget, wishes and, of course, your calendar.

How do I find the perfect cleaner?

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The first step is to enter your zip code. Based on that, you’ll see the available cleaners in your neighbourhood.

Add your preferred date and time and you’ll see which of those cleaners are available at that time.

Every cleaner has their own profile with their price, reviews from other customers and the experience they have on the platform. Based on this, you can decide whom you want to welcome into your home!

You can choose between a one-off or a recurring booking (weekly or bi-weekly). If you choose the latter, you’ll get the same cleaner each time and always be assured of a clean and fresh house!

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How does it work?

We advise being at home when your help arrives for the first time. This way, you can get to know each other and show him / her the house.

Everyone has their own views when it comes to what is important, so tell them what has priority for you. Discuss which tasks you want to give your cleaner. This can vary from simple things like vacuuming, dusting and mopping, to cleaning the fridge, the stove, the windows and doing the laundry.

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How do I manage my appointments?

Download the app in the Google or Apple store! You can also log in on the website. Both will give you an overview of your appointments. If you want to add, reschedule or cancel a booking, you can easily arrange this yourself. You can also contact your cleaner through the app via the chat.

Time for a spotless home?

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