Lidl selling discount Lederhosen and Dirndl in run-up to Oktoberfest

Lidl selling discount Lederhosen and Dirndl in run-up to Oktoberfest

If you’ve ever wanted to look the part at Oktoberfest while sipping on your pint of German beer, but have been unable to fork out hundreds of euros for an authentic leather Lederhose or Dirndl, now’s your chance: in the run-up to the world’s most famous Volksfest, popular discounter Lidl is now selling “Trachtenmode” at a fraction of the usual price.

Get your discount Dirndl and Lederhosen at Lidl

Starting at just 9,99 euros, a whole range of Oktoberfest fashion has just arrived in Lidl’s online shop. As well as some fetching Bermuda shorts in both traditional brown and modern denim styles, they are offering women’s and men’s Lederhosen, Dirndl and traditional shirts. There’s even bags, jackets and shoes to complete the look. 

Granted, these knock-offs are no match for the real thing, which are traditionally made from hand-stitched, intricately embroidered Bavarian deer hide, and can cost anything up to several hundred euros. In your Lidl togs you might get a few scornful looks from die-hard traditionalists, but from a distance, or even just three Steins down, you can almost pass for the real thing! 

If you want to grab a pair, you’d better hurry, as stocks are selling out fast! Everything can be purchased on Lidl’s website and sent to your home address in the post



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