Mouse & Bear Books: English and German language bookstore for the whole family

Mouse & Bear Books: English and German language bookstore for the whole family


Mouse and Bear Books is an independently-owned bookstore in the heart of Friedrichshain, Berlin. Their focus is on English and German books for children and young adults, but they do have a carefully-selected assortment for adults as well. The bookstore is specially designed to encourage kids to explore, be curious and linger with a book. Mouse and Bear Books invites you to come and share your love of reading at their store!

A family bookstore in Friedrichshain

Even though they specialise in children’s books, they call themselves a family bookstore because they encourage kids to use the space to play while parents have the time to browse the book collection. Their collection consists of about 50 percent German books and 50 percent English books. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always ask about ordering the book at the bookstore. In most cases, books are delivered to the store overnight.

Not only have Mouse and Bear Books taken the time to select some of their favourite books for you, but they also plan regular events for children of all age groups. Their past events have included storytime and crafts for the little ones and author readings for the older children. They keep their events posted on their event calendar - take a look at what is happening next!

Mouse and Bear Books

Monthly English Reading and Book Clubs

The team at Mouse and Bear Books see book clubs as a fun way to discover new books and share the joy of reading with others. With their English book clubs and reading groups, Mouse and Bear Books aims to encourage language learning in a fun and relaxed environment. English native speakers as well as non-native speakers are welcome!

They have two reading groups for ages 0-6 and 7-10 as well as two book clubs for ages 11-13 and 14 and older. In the reading groups, participants read a book or a short story together. In the book clubs, the kids read an English book at home and then come together with the group to discuss the book.

Here are the different clubs at Mouse and Bear Books:

Reading Group 1

  • Age: 0–6
  • Meeting time: Saturdays, 10.30am-11.15am once a month
  • Admission: 3 euros

Reading Group 2

  • Age: 7–10
  • Meeting time: Saturdays, 11.45am-12.30pm once a month
  • Admission: 3 euros

Book Club 1

  • Age: 11–13
  • Meeting time: Thursdays, 4.30-5.15pm once a month
  • Admission: 3 euros 

Book Club 2

  • Age: 14+
  • Meeting time: Thursdays, 5.45-6.30pm once a month
  • Admission: 3 euros 

If you or your kid are interested, please send an email to Mouse and Bear Books!

Mouse and Bear Books Berlin

Wish boxes

Is your child celebrating their birthday, Christmas or their first day of school? Mouse and Bear Books provides kids with the possibility of picking out their own presents with wish boxes. They can come in, fill up a box with the items they would like to have, and then send their birthday guests or family into the store. This makes buying presents easier for parents and the birthday kid is happy with their presents!

Keep in touch

Mouse and Bear Books keeps their calendar updated with the latest events. If you are on Instagram, you can follow them and stay up-to-date that way. Stop by and have a chat about your favourite books and enjoy the relaxed, child-friendly experience the bookstore has to offer! See you soon!

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