Munich to take legal action over Dubai Oktoberfest

Munich to take legal action over Dubai Oktoberfest

Following the announcement about an Oktoberfest festival being held in Dubai this year, the city of Munich has decided to take legal action against the Middle Eastern version of the traditional Volksfest.

No “Oktoberfest” in Dubai

A few weeks ago, plans were unveiled for a lavish Oktoberfest festival to be held in Dubai, causing a stir in Germany and drawing sharp criticism from the city of Munich

What organisers of the Munich festival took particular umbrage at was the motto of the Dubai iteration: “Oktoberfest goes Dubai”. They believe that this creates the impression that the cancelled Munich Oktoberfest is being held in Dubai this year. The Munich Oktoberfest was recently called off for a second year in a row, due to coronavirus in Germany.

The city of Munich has demanded a cease-and-desist declaration from the organisers of the Dubai event, in which they agree not to use the association with the Munich Oktoberfest as an advertising point.

"From the point of view of the state capital Munich, it is frightening that third parties are using the cancellation as an opportunity to enrich themselves by exploiting the worldwide good reputation of the Oktoberfest and suggesting that there is a connection between the original and the event in Dubai," said Munich Oktoberfest boss, Clemens Baumgärtner.

"It is therefore in the public interest that the city takes legal action against such unfair and illegal behaviour. The aim of our legal procedure is to protect the good reputation of the Munich Oktoberfest worldwide," Baumgärtner continued. It has also been reported that the city has trademarked the terms “Wiesn”, “Oktoberfest Munich” and “Munich Oktoberfest” to protect its image.

Dubai Oktoberfest plans to fight back

Dick Ippen, ex-restauranteur and one of the organisers for the Dubai Oktoberfest, stated that he planned contest Munich’s legal actions. "We have filed an objection to the registered trademark Oktoberfest," he said. "We are convinced that the city of Munich cannot claim the title “Oktoberfest” alone." He added, "In my opinion, there is a need to keep the term “Oktoberfest” free, since otherwise there is an interference in the competition that is not justified."

In response, Baumgärtner said, “I look forward to it very calmly. My goal: Third parties are not allowed to cash in at the expense of Munich and the Oktoberfest. I will do everything for that.”

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