Relocating to Frankfurt: Must-see places to discover on the weekends

Relocating to Frankfurt: Must-see places to discover on the weekends

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Thinking of moving to Frankfurt? The relocation experts from Crown Relocations share their tips for making the most of this fantastic German city at the weekends, with a list of some absolute must-see places. 

Frankfurt, a central German city on the River Main, is a city known for its culture, internationalism, and fun. It is best described as a city of many contrasts: with its pretty little old town centred on the cathedral and the modern skyscrapers of its business districts, Frankfurt is the perfect blend of medieval and modern architecture and culture. 

As a major German city, Frankfurt has plenty of options for things to do. We put together a list of some top places you should visit on the weekends, perfect for both kids and adults.  

Palmengarten Botanical Garden

Palmengarten is a botanical garden that is home to more than 13.000 species of plants. Here you’ll come across a huge greenhouse that has famously held concerts and balls for Emperor Wilhelm. Fun fact: dating back to 1763, it is the city’s first and oldest scientific garden! 

Old Opera House 

The Old Opera House is one of the most iconic concert halls in Germany, perfect if you are on the hunt for entertainment. The venue puts on a high-quality programme all year round, covering different kinds of music genres as well as world-famous musicals and other productions. Some shows sell out early, so it’s worth booking well in advance! 

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum für Moderne Kunst (Museum of Modern Art), is known locally as the MMK. It was founded in 1981 and opened to the public on June 6, 1991. The MMK is not only famous for its extensive art collection, which covers the years 1904 to the present day and includes works by well-known artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol, but also for its bold architecture: the building’s distinctive triangle shape has earned it the nickname “the slice of cake” among locals.

German Film Museum 

Located on Frankfurt’s river bank, the German Film Museum explores the art and history of the moving picture, from its early beginnings to the replica studios and special effects of today’s movie industry.  

The museum has a lot of hands-on exhibits to delight visitors of all ages: from re-enacting a car chase to taking a magic carpet ride over Frankfurt with the help of a blue screen. Ever wondered how they make a flying carpet look so realistic in movies? In the museum’s special movie theatre, you can experience the before and after of special effects and learn other insider tricks!

Senckenberg Museum 

The Senckenberg Museum is one of the largest natural history museums in Germany and charts millions of years of life on earth. The 400.000 exhibits showcased at the museum will awe and inspire young and old. One of the museum’s highlights is its massive collection of dinosaur skeletons. 

Main Tower 

One of Frankfurt’s top attractions is the skyscraper Main Tower, which (as you might guess) is named after the river that runs through the centre of Frankfurt and offers a bird’s eye view over the entire city from its viewing deck. Standing at 56 stories (200 metres), it is one of Frankfurt’s highest skyscrapers and the only one open to the public. If you want to stop to enjoy the view for a bit longer, foodies will love the restaurant and lounge on the 53rd floor.

Zoos in Frankfurt

There are two main zoos in Frankfurt: Opel Zoo and Frankfurt Zoo. Both offer a fun day out with plenty of wildlife to learn more about. Alongside its 5.000 animals, covering more than 600 species, Frankfurt Zoo features an aquarium as well as open feeding times, giving you the chance to see your favourite animals in action. Opel Zoo has a more open-air feel with lots of animals roaming together as well as public barbecue and picnic spots. 

Enjoy your weekends in Frankfurt

Happy exploring Frankfurt this weekend. Let us know in the comments below if you managed to visit any of these places, and let us know what you think! 

With more than 50 years of experience, Crown Relocations are experts at helping their clients move and settle abroad. For more information and advice on managing a move to Germany from abroad, get in touch to discuss their range of services. 

Daniela  Stoyanova


Daniela Stoyanova

Daniela Stoyanova is a Moving Consultant for Crown Relocations.

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