Three quarters of people in Germany see climate crisis as global emergency

Three quarters of people in Germany see climate crisis as global emergency

According to a recent survey commissioned by the United Nations (UN), the majority of the world’s population believe that the climate crisis is a global emergency, and see climate issues as a threat to the global population. In Germany, concern is even higher than the global average. 

Italy, UK and Japan most concerned about climate crisis

The “People’s Climate Vote”, which was developed by the UNDP in partnership with Oxford University, was taken by a total of 1,2 million people worldwide, 27.238 of whom reside in Germany.

The survey found that people in Italy, the United Kingdom and Japan were especially concerned by the climate crisis, with around 80 percent of respondents in these countries expressing concern about heat waves, droughts and extreme weather. France, Germany, South Africa and Canada followed closely behind, with around three-quarters of respondents describing the threat as a "global emergency". 

The survey found that respondents were less concerned in less economically developed nations (58 percent expressed concern), and older citizens also found the climate crisis to be a less pressing issue (slightly less than 60 percent). Overall, women were somewhat more concerned than men about climate change.  

Despite the pandemic, climate change is still a key issue 

According to the research, climate initiatives such as “Fridays For Future” continue to garner support despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Respondents of the survey ranked protection of forests and natural habitats as the best solution for climate change, with more than 54 percent of people supporting greater habitat protection. 

Many people also suggested the implementation of more renewable energy policies and the use of green technology in farming.



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