The Verdict: Join the jury in a new interactive murder mystery game

The Verdict: Join the jury in a new interactive murder mystery game


Ever wondered what it’s like to be on a jury? To review evidence in a high-profile criminal case, interrogate witnesses, and have the responsibility of deciding the fate of a fellow citizen?

Amsterdam-based game creation studio, Logic Locks, are giving you the opportunity to find out with their new online, jury duty experience, The Verdict.

Not just another murder mystery

The Verdict is not simply a “whodunnit” game, or a straightforward murder mystery. It is an interactive, theatrical experience that immerses you in the role of juror. 

Playing online via Zoom, you and your fellow jurors must attempt to understand a challenging criminal case by questioning the defendant (who is played by a professional actor), examining evidence, watching witness interviews and discussing the investigation together. “[The Verdict] is a hybrid between entertainment and meaningful art,” says Rik Stapelbroek, Founder of Prison Escape.

The Verdict is a hybrid between entertainment and meaningful art”

The Verdict combines the investigative elements of a trial with the uncertainties and dilemmas of being on a jury. Be prepared for an emotional, thought-provoking game that blurs the lines between playful entertainment and meaningful experience.

The setup of The Verdict is unique in that it can be played as a group or, for a more authentic jury duty experience, you can book a time slot by yourself and join a group of jurors who you don’t yet know. The Verdict has also proved successful as a company team-building activity, helping teams separated by working from home reconnect through a novel online experience.  

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An interactive online experience

"A great balance between investigation and play"

The Verdict is part of a boom in online interactive experiences spurred on by the coronavirus pandemic. What sets The Verdict apart is its substance. One player described the experience as a “great balance between investigation and play", while another said it gave the feeling of being “part of something bigger", and that the whole experience felt real. 

Playful self-discovery 

The creators of The Verdict built the experience with the following motto in mind: “An hour of play can reveal more than years of conversation.” The same sentiment drove the makers to design award-winning escape rooms, but The Verdict combines play with self-discovery on a whole new level by focusing on a more serious - and more realistic - subject matter. 

Book tickets for The Verdict

Ready to take your place on the jury? You can book tickets for The Verdict online. The game takes 110 minutes to play and can be played on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, with several time slots available each day. You can purchase tickets for a group experience or join individually.

Join the jury. Reach the verdict. Get your tickets!



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