5 things you can do this Friday night without leaving home

5 things you can do this Friday night without leaving home

Coronavirus restrictions are slowly being lifted across Germany, but with all major events cancelled until at least August 31, it could be a while until our regular Friday night activities are allowed to resume again. Seems like a drag, doesn’t it? Even the things that we thought we’d always appreciate – such as time to ourselves and Netflix bingeing sessions – now seem sort of obsolete.

However, just because lots of things are closed doesn't mean that there’s nothing to do! On the contrary, various organisations in Germany have already adapted to this crisis by coming up with fun, socially-distant alternatives to replace the events we miss so badly.

So, say goodbye to Friday nights spent in nostalgia, and hello to a whole new online world of fun! Here are five things you can do this weekend, without ever having to leave your home!

1. Go for a virtual drink

What if we told you that you could visit a bar, meet new people and grab a drink, all while following social distancing regulations? Seems impossible, doesn't it? Well, the Alone Together Bar has made it a reality. 

Convinced that practising social distancing does not mean that we should let the distance keep us from being social, the Alone Together Bar is an online bar where internationally minded men and women can gather together virtually to meet others and enjoy a drink from the comfort of their homes.

The bar is open to everyone in the world, which means that entrance is completely free of charge, and the official bar language is English. The bar is open daily from 8 pm to 12 am, but on busy days, you can stay a bit longer. So, if you’re feeling up for a drink, a chat or even a night out, why not head over to the website to check it out?

2. Go to a concert

Ahhh concerts… It seems like a long time since we were last allowed to attend one. Sure, we have Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, but there’s something special about attending a concert with friends and family, and feeling the rhythm of the music connect everyone in the room, that just cannot be replaced.

Coronavirus may have temporarily obliterated concerts in the traditional sense, but that does not mean that they are extinct. SofaConcerts is a unique initiative that allows you to enjoy live concert performances (and adhere to social distancing rules); all while supporting artists and musicians who are struggling during these difficult times.

For those classical music lovers among us, a number of institutions are providing live streams of performances on their websites - allowing you to experience the vibe, tension and unity of an orchestra or classical music concert, not to mention the more visual aspects of opera and ballet performances. Check out the following websites for some spectacular live streams:

3. Go to a club

Most clubs in Germany have shut their doors, making clubbing a fond distant memory, or something to look forward to in the future. One club, however, will not take no for an answer, and has gone the extra mile to ensure that their (metaphorical) doors are open for all those in need of a night out.

Molotow club has temporarily moved their location from Hamburg to a new online address, and are regularly streaming their events. So, if you’ve got nothing to do all night and you’re longing for some fun, grab a drink and head over to their brand new online location! Check out their website for the dates and times of upcoming events.

4. Watch a play

Coronavirus has affected theatres and performance centres badly, causing them to lose a lot of revenue. To keep themselves going, some of theatres are providing online streams of their performances for a small fee, allowing us to enjoy some wonderful performances and simultaneously support our favourite theatres. 

The English Theatre of Hamburg is currently offering their latest play, APOLOGIA by Alexi Kaye Campbell, online. Head on over to the website to catch a preview and procure yourself an enjoyable evening! 

5. Watch a movie

Cinemas in Germany may be allowed to open in the near future, but in the meantime Kino on Demand has stepped in to fill the void - and support local cinemas that have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. This platform provides over 300 films, selected by your favourite cinema, for online viewing.

Most movies cost 4,99 euros to rent for 48 hours, although some have been reduced to 3,99 euros. If you're hankering for a new release, German premieres are available for 10 euros for 48 hours.

If you’re not a fan of online streaming and you prefer to watch on the big screen (surrounded by others to complete the vibe), there are other solutions. Drive-in cinemas are coming back in style across the country and, for those living in Berlin, Berlin Window Flicks has been projecting movies onto walls of buildings, so you can easily watch out of your window. 


Now that you have something to do this Friday night, get out of those pyjamas, grab a drink, and get ready for some fun! With the internet at your fingertips, nothing is impossible!

Naina Pottamkulam


Naina Pottamkulam



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