[Video] 23 of the best Bavarian castles: Off the beaten track

[Video] 23 of the best Bavarian castles: Off the beaten track

The second phase of lockdown restrictions in Germany haven’t quite complimented my desire to travel and explore this beautiful country, until I did this… 

Where to go in Germany when you can’t go (just about) anywhere?

If you’re like me, you might have fallen in love with Germany for its natural beauty, Christmas markets, and year-round folk festivals. Unfortunately, lockdown limitations have made it difficult to enjoy these activities, so I decided to get a little creative. 

How can we continue to live an adventurous lifestyle while still being safe and following local rules during a pandemic? Well, the answer was right on my doorstep (and probably right on yours too!) 

Explore your immediate area

Since I moved to a small town in Bavaria, I’ve noticed that there are a number of castles “off the beaten track”, so I decided to bust out a map (AKA a Google Map) and drive to all the castles within a one-hour radius of my hometown. 

Turns out, there were over 20 amazing castles that I could visit as a short excursion from my home. The best part was that the state of Bavaria still allowed outdoor exercise such as hiking and biking, so I wasn’t breaking any rules as long as I went with members of my own household, kept my distance from others, and had my mask handy (if necessary). 

The video below shows 23 of the castles I visited in my local area, and will hopefully inspire you to explore other hidden treasures in your own immediate vicinity. Being in lockdown doesn’t mean we have to stay cooped up indoors.  

Daniel Taylor


Daniel Taylor

Daniel (DT) Taylor is a US Air Force Academy graduate, veteran, and videographer. Daniel has been living in Germany since 2014 as a content creator and local video blogger....

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