[Video] How true are these five German Stereotypes?

[Video] How true are these five German Stereotypes?

When you think of Germany, undoubtedly a number of stereotypes come to mind: painful bureaucracy, beer and, of course, lederhosen. But how true are these stereotypes and what do Germans actually think of them?

Five German Stereotypes

Every country has its own stereotypes, that is, ideas or things that seemingly reflect the country to those living outside of it yet are seldom put into practice by the actual citizens of that country. In Germany, aside from the lederhosen, beer and bureaucracy, people around the world commonly think of Germans as punctual, efficient, and somewhat lacking in humour.

Check out the video below to find out exactly how true these stereotypes are, and what the people of Germany think about these things that are commonly attributed to the Federal Republic.

William Nehra


William Nehra

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