Record number of non-German doctors are now working in Germany

Record number of non-German doctors are now working in Germany

The number of non-Germans working as doctors in the federal republic has reached an all-time high, figures from the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer) have revealed.

More non-Germans are working as doctors than ever before

At the end of 2023, there were 63.763 doctors working in Germany who didn’t have a German passport, figures from the German Medical Association have shown.

The association said that the majority of foreign-born doctors working in Germany hail from other EU countries or countries in the Middle East. The largest group of non-native doctors are from Syria (6.120), followed by Romania (4.668), Austria (2.993), Greece, Russia and Turkey.

Doctor shortage in Germany is lessening, but still significant

There are twice as many non-German doctors working in the federal republic as there were in 2013, when there were just 30.000. However, as in many industries, the country is still facing a doctor shortage.

Germany’s new immigration laws and Chancenkarte visa system, which will make it easier for skilled workers from third countries to come to Germany and work, should reduce the shortage of medical staff further. 

However, the German Medical Association in Rhineland-Palatinate believes that more should be done to make sure that non-native doctors have an excellent command of German since knowledge gaps can lead to life-threatening misunderstandings. Currently, practising doctors in Germany must have at least B2-level language skills.

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