Burglars caught sleeping in a kindergarten in Germany

Burglars caught sleeping in a kindergarten in Germany

Three burglars were apprehended by police on Wednesday, after being found napping in a kindergarten by a teacher in a town in Baden-Württemberg.

Sleeping on the job

Police in the southern town of Schopfheim apprehended a trio of sleeping burglars after they broke into a kindergarten on Wednesday morning. The three burglars, aged 17, 21 and 28, were found snoozing by a teacher, who promptly alerted the police. The men were detained in connection with a nearby burglary.

The kindergarten appeared to have been searched by the dozy thieves, and it was also discovered that a nearby garden shed and office had been broken into. The burglars caused around 12.000 euros worth of damage after forcing open several pieces of furniture around the office, said police in the nearby city of Freiburg.

Investigations are underway

Police searched the men but found no stolen items were found in their possession, there was also no indication that they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They were already known to police, who had told them to leave a nearby town square the night before, after indicating their intention to spend the night there.

The three men are reportedly Algerian nationals. The two older men have been released pending investigation, whilst the 17-year-old has been placed in care.

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