COVID deaths pass 100.000 as Germany records 75.000 daily infections

COVID deaths pass 100.000 as Germany records 75.000 daily infections

COVID deaths pass 100.000 as Germany records 75.000 daily infections

Germany hit a grim milestone on Thursday, as the Robert Koch Institute announced that more than 100.000 people have now died in connection with COVID-19. Thursday also saw the federal republic record yet another record number of daily cases.

Germany sees more than 75.000 COVID cases in one day

Health authorities in Germany reported 75,961 new cases of coronavirus to the Robert Koch Institute in the 24 hours to Thursday morning. This means that the record for daily case numbers has been broken yet again, as the country burst through the 70.000-mark. The seven-day incidence rate has also risen to a new high of 419,7 cases per 100.000 people. 

351 deaths were recorded across the country within 24 hours, bringing the total death toll so far to 100.119. According to the RKI, most of the deaths occurred last winter, when more than 1.000 fatalities were being recorded every day. 

The death rate is currently much lower, although the infection rate is significantly higher. The fact that fewer people are dying has been attributed to the fact that a large proportion of the population is now vaccinated, particularly elderly people who are more vulnerable to the disease. 

Germany struggling in fourth wave of coronavirus

Germany managed well in the initial phases of the coronavirus pandemic, receiving praise from around the world for its handling of the situation. Gradually over the course of 2020, however, it began to lose its way as consensus between politicians over the best course of action began to fall apart. Case numbers rose and deaths crept up. 

The fourth wave of infections now has the federal republic hard in its grip - and what before felt like preemptive action has now turned to reactive measures. The federal states are introducing new rules and regulations every day, but are still yet to get on top of the spiralling case numbers, which have been hitting new records day after day for the past few weeks.

Although the death rate is still significantly lower in Germany than in France, Spain, the UK, and Italy - according to figures from the Johns Hopkins University - the healthcare sector is sounding the alarm that it is facing an “acute overload” and is being forced to transfer COVID patients abroad

Ministers have once again appealed for people who have not yet come forward to get the jab, as states all across the country tighten rules to make various areas of public life off-limits to unvaccinated people. Germany’s high case rate is being blamed on its relatively low vaccination rate of 69 percent. 



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