Flensburg driver who racked up 373 points on his licence faces imprisonment

Flensburg driver who racked up 373 points on his licence faces imprisonment

A routine traffic stop caused something of a surprise for the police in Flensburg when the driver in question turned out to not only not have a driving licence, but also have more than 150 other driving offences under his belt. After being apprehended back in September, he is now heading to trial with a whopping 373 points on his licence. 

Flensburg man had 150 driving offences

The public prosecutor in Frankenthal has confirmed that they are handling the case of the driver with 373 points: “The case has been received and is under investigation,” a spokesperson said. 

It caused something of a stir back in September when police in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse caught a 37-year-old man joyriding without a licence and confiscated his 35.000-euro car. They then announced that they were able to prove that the driver had undertaken more than 150 unlawful journeys - worth two driving points each. 

“Due to his many trips without a licence, he has already accumulated 373 points in the Flensburg traffic offender register,” said a police spokesperson at the time, explaining that the frequency of the offence had lead to an increased point value. 

Suspect may go to prison

The suspect had already served a probationary sentence for driving offences, but did not seem to have been deterred. Indeed, in the meantime, he’d even managed to successfully apply for a job as a professional driver - despite the fact he only possessed an Italian driver’s licence that was out of date. 

A possible indictment will be decided on in the next couple of weeks. The driver will most likely face a trial and a prison sentence. He'll probably struggle to get car insurance in future...



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