Germany: Travel warning extended for more than 160 countries

Germany: Travel warning extended for more than 160 countries

Germany: Travel warning extended for more than 160 countries

The current travel warning for tourists to more than 160 countries has been extended for another two weeks until September 14th. The travel warning was originally supposed to last until August 31st.

Travel restrictions in Germany

In response to the coronavirus crisis, the German Foreign Minister, Heiko Mass, announced a travel warning for more than 200 countries back in March. A travel warning is not a ban on visiting these countries, rather it is meant to deter people from any travel that isn’t essential.

Germany lifted the warning for all EU countries and the Schengen area, as well as the UK, Monaco, Andorra, the Vatican City and San Marino in June. Following this, the warning for parts of Turkey was rescinded. The government has kept a close eye on the coronavirus situation in these countries and will reinstate the travel warning should they worsen.

Germany is also allowing people to travel from 11 non-EU countries with low levels of coronavirus infections. These include New Zealand and Australia.

Travel warning extended for remaining countries

While the travel warning has been lifted for these countries, more than 160 countries remain on the travel warning list. The travel warning, which was originally supposed to be in effect until August 31st, has now been extended until September 14th.

The travel warning is separate from the RKI’s list of countries that have been designated “risk areas.” Travellers returning to Germany from the countries on this list must take a coronavirus test and quarantine for two weeks, depending on regional rules.

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