VBB introduces new FlexTicket for flexible travel in Berlin

VBB introduces new FlexTicket for flexible travel in Berlin

The VBB transport association has launched the new FlexTicket, which will give commuters more flexible options on public transport in Berlin, at a time where people working in Germany might not be going to the office every day.

Flexible travel for the people of Berlin

On January 1, the VBB introduced the new Flexticket, an eight-pack of day passes for the Berlin AB tariff area. The tickets cost 44 euros and can be used anytime within 30 days of purchase. This saves travellers more than three euros per ticket compared to buying eight individual day passes, and is nearly 40 euros cheaper than a monthly ticket. 

The Flexticket is aimed at commuters, who since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic have been more sporadic in their use of public transport. Since many people continue to work regularly from home, they have less need for expensive monthly subscriptions that allow them to travel every day.

Flextickets can be purchased online 

“Perhaps the world will look different again in two or three years, but we now need flexible tariff offers,” said VBB Managing Director Susanne Henckel.

Currently, the Flexticket can only be purchased online, or in a BVG or S-Bahn customer service centre. It is not yet available from ticketing machines. It will remain in its pilot phase until December 2023. 

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