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Dance in August Tanz im August
Dance in August

Dance in August

Aug 05, 2022Aug 27, 2022

Dance in August (Tanz im August) is one of the leading international festivals for contemporary dance, together with Montpellier Dance and Impulstanz in Vienna. Taking place in Berlin each year, the dance event welcomes newcomers, international stars and well-established choreographers from the Berlin scene to present their work at various different locations across the city.

What to expect at Dance in August

Here is a short overview (the original programme is also available on the festival website):

1. Meet the artist

The aim of this category is to provide an insight into the works of artists. This includes special public showcases, which focus on audience participation by offering short choreographic instructions that inspire them and challenge them to explore their physical movements.

Artists and choreographers such as Marrugeku, Amala Dianor, Frédérick Gravel
Sebastian Matthias, Cristina Caprioli, LA VERONAL, Maija Hirvanen, Robyn Orlin / City Theater & Dance Group, Oona Doherty, Martha Hincapié Charry, Pichet Klunchun, Faye Driscoll, Adam Linder and Trajal Harrell will present their work, along with many others. Dance in August’s three-year project “URBAN FEMINISM”, which supports aspiring female hip-hop artists in Berlin, will also be discussed.

2. Happy to Listen

Happy to Listen is a newly developed digital discussion forum in which new perspectives, critiques and oppositions are discussed. The topics will be defined together with the moderators and panellists, and provide an opportunity to hear from individuals with different realities and experiences.

A public digital conference will also take place, enabling a transcontinental dialogue between touring artists, event organisers and cultural policy workers. 

3. Bibliothek im August (Library in August)

The Bibliothek im August is a library that will function as a meeting place for the festival audience, and will thus be open every day in the former WAU restaurant and café. It also boasts a limited-access outdoor public-viewing area in front of HAU2.

Get your Tanz im August 2022 tickets

Attending the 2022 Tanz im August is easy. Check out the Tanz im August website for tickets prices. For more information and details about the programme and artists, visit the official Tanz im August website.