Dinner in the Sky - Munich

Dinner in the Sky - Munich

Sep 25, 2019Sep 29, 2019
Zenettistraße 11, 80337
Tickets from 49 euros

Experience some of the finest culinary delights that the city of Munich has to offer while enjoying a view of your surroundings like no other. The world-famous, flying restaurant concept, Dinner in the Sky, will be making a stop in the city for five days this autumn, when you can enjoy a heavenly meal 50 metres high in the sky!

Dinner in the Sky people

A dining experience like no other on earth

Munich is the third city on the Germany tour of Dinner in the Sky - the temporary restaurant offering a range of meals for visitors to choose from to sample while being hoisted up to 50 metres in the air. 

If you ever dreamed of eating lunch, having afternoon tea or a delicious dinner in the sky, then you should not miss out on this opportunity! Located directly within the city’s former slaughterhouse district, a crane lifts the platform with the restaurant to a height of up to 50 metres, offering sensational 360-degree views of the city.

Dinner in the Sky table

Dine high in the sky above Munich

To get you in the mood for your dinner in the sky, you start off with a small aperitif on the ground. Then you will be taken to the platform, which features a special table construction that will be lifted high into the sky by a crane. The sight of the platform alone is said to be enough to get people’s hearts racing, but fear not if you have a slight fear of heights - the highly trained crew will guide you to your seat and ensure you are securely strapped in before giving a short briefing on what to expect before the crane goes up.

Once you are high in the sky, waiters and chefs will be on hand to serve you, leaving nothing to be desired. A first-class menu will be served right in front of your eyes, which will be busy soaking up all the sights. The term "bird’s eye view" will take on new meaning during your meal, as you will literally be floating above the city.

Dinner in the Sky chef

Get your tickets for Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky is offering tickets for Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Dinner in the Sky for five days. Each meal features its own menu, accompanied by a selection of drinks. For more information on Dinner in the Sky or to book your spot for this unforgettable experience, head over to the Dinner in the Sky website.

Photos: © Dinner in the Sky Germany