Jazzfest Berlin

Jazzfest Berlin

Nov 03, 2022Nov 06, 2022
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One of the longest-running European festivals is set to return to the city of Berlin this autumn - Jazzfest Berlin. Founded in 1964, the Berlin Jazz Festival showcases artists from around the globe and increasingly focuses on contemporary European jazz. 

Jazzfest for your ears

The festival presents both style-defining icons of jazz music, as well as young up-and-coming performers from a broad range of styles. Each year the unique festival programme offers a full spectrum of creative border-crossings and collective visions from national and international musicians alike. Over the years, the festival has cultivated particularly close links with musicians from the USA.

Programme preview 2022

This year's festival will offer four days of concerts. And for those who can't make it to Berlin, Jazzfest is also strengthening its decades-long partnership with German public radio. A series of regional ensembles will present nine studio concerts during the festival - some of which will be played to live audiences - which will then be played on the radio throughout Germany. These performances can also be watched via video stream anywhere in the world. 

Attending Jazzfest Berlin 2022

Are you interested in catching one of the performances taking place during Jazzfest Berlin? Be sure to head over to the official website to check out the full programme and purchase your tickets in time!

Thumb: © Camille Blake