COVID Crisis: Beer consumption in Germany at all-time low

COVID Crisis: Beer consumption in Germany at all-time low

You might have thought that alcohol would be the only thing getting people through - but beer sales in Germany actually shrank by 5,5 percent in 2020, according to new figures released by the Federal Statistical Office. 

Germany is well-known for its love of beer

German beer is famous around the world for its taste and quality, but with COVID-19 forcing the closure of restaurants and cafes across the country, sales of beer have dropped sharply. 

According to official figures, 8,7 billion litres of beer were sold in 2020 by German breweries and distributors in 2020 - not counting alcohol-free beer, beer imported from non-EU countries, or other malt beverages. That is the lowest value since the revision of the Beer Tax Act in 1993, which forms the basis of the statistics. 

Beer sales have been trending downwards for a while

Beer sales in Germany have been declining over recent years, due in large part to health concerns associated with the drink. 2020 did, however, show a much sharper decline in the amount of beer sold by German breweries. 

Sales of beer were down by 17,3 percent in April but picked up during the summer months when restrictions on bars and restaurants were loosened. In the autumn and winter, sales declined again, as major celebrations and festivals where large amounts of beer are often consumed, such as Oktoberfest, were cancelled.



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