People in Germany are drinking less and less beer

People in Germany are drinking less and less beer

People in Germany are consuming less beer, according to figures released from the Federal Statistical Office. The trend is a continuation of a decline in alcohol consumption, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany.

Lockdowns and service sector closures in Germany added to the decline

Federal Statistical Office data shows that beer sales fell by 2,2 percent to 8,5 billion litres in 2021, the lowest recorded sales since records began. One of the key reasons for the sharp decline is down to the stress placed on the hospitality sector throughout the pandemic, which has led to reduced beer sales from restaurants and bars, and more people opting to drink beer at home. 

According to the German Brauerbund, smaller breweries have found the past year especially difficult due to their dependence on bars and restaurants to distribute their beverages. Exporting breweries, on the other hand, have seen sales increase. 

German beers exported to other countries are doing well

While domestic beer sales have been dropping for many years, German breweries exporting their goods abroad saw sales increase by 4 percent to 1,6 billion litres in 2021. Sales of beers exported outside the EU climbed by 12,7 percent to 817,3 million litres. By contrast, 4 percent less beer was exported to countries within the European Union.

Overall, the biggest losses for brewers and distributors occurred during the early months of 2021 when the country saw harsh restrictions in response to an increase in COVID-19 infections. After February 2021, sales of beer in Germany gradually increased throughout the year. 



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