German newsreader caught in giggle fit on live programme

German newsreader caught in giggle fit on live programme

Tagesschau presenter Susanne Daubner was caught in an inescapable laughing fit while trying to present Germany’s most-watched daily news programme this week.

Tagesshau presenter caught unable to escape laughing fit

Worker burnout rate in Germany is rising faster than any other country and employees are the least satisfied in the world, but journalists in the Tagesshau studio seem to be having a riot at work.

Presenting the country’s most famous daily news show, Tagesschau, well-known presenter Susanne Daubner was caught in an unfortunately-timed and particularly persistent laughing fit at the top of the programme this week.

The giggles caught Daubner as the programme began and she was unable to shake them after multiple attempts to compose herself.



False start for Daubner on air

After apologising through laughter and one false start of “Bundeskanzler Scholz trifft sich…” (“Chancellor Scholz meets…”) followed by giggles, Daubner managed to pull a straight face and push the joke that had tickled her so much to the back of her mind. 

Bundeskanzler Scholz trifft sich heute im Kanzleramt mit Vertretern der deutschen Chemindustrie, um über die Zukunft der Branche zu beraten…” the presenter forced out. But her brain was not yet ready to get back to business - another suppressed laugh escaped. "Nein, ich krieg das ... Ich muss es hin ...", “No, I can get it,” Daubner insisted, “I have to get it”.

After Daubner overcame her laughter and pushed through the segment, fellow journalist Sven Lorig, who had presented the ARD-Morgenmagazin-Teams programme before the news and introduced Daubner with “And now we have to concentrate on this. Good Morning Susanne!” asked the anchor if her Lachanfall was his doing. “Ja”, Daubner said sheepishly.

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