German teen finds wallet containing 7.000 euros

German teen finds wallet containing 7.000 euros

A very well-behaved and honest teenager has received a finder’s fee after handing in a wallet which contained 7.000 euros in cash to local police.

German teenager hands in wallet full of cash

A teenager living in the seaside town of Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony, has received a fee after handing in a cash-filled wallet she found to the German police.

The wallet, which the girl found near a building site in the Lüdingworth area, contained no less than 7.371,04 euros, according to a statement from local police.

Wallet-less man travels from Hildesheim to collect money

Once police had identified the owner of the wallet and money, the man in question made the two-hour journey from Hildesheim to Cuxhaven to reclaim his cash, also leaving behind an “appropriate finder’s fee” for the girl.

However, it is still unknown why the man was carrying so much cash in the first place. Although cash is still widely used in the federal republic, the 7.000 euros inside amount to nearly two months’ worth of wages for a worker on an average income in Germany.

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