Germany sells more e-bikes than standard bikes for the first time

Germany sells more e-bikes than standard bikes for the first time

For the first time, sales of e-bikes have overtaken those of standard push bikes in Germany, the German Bicycle Industry Association (ZIV) has revealed.

Germans are buying more e-bikes than regular bikes

2023 marked the first year that consumers in Germany bought more e-bikes than standard bikes, according to the ZIV. 

53 percent of the bikes sold in Germany during 2023 were e-bikes, up from 48 percent in 2022. This amounted to the sale of 2,1 million e-bikes in comparison to 1,9 million standard bikes.

Though the ZIV didn’t release specific figures for secondhand bikes, the association said that the trend for buying used bikes also continued in 2023.

Politicians must recognise the full potential of bikes, says ZIV

A bike buying boom during the coronavirus lockdowns led to overfilled warehouses in 2023 as demand reduced. While the post-boom downward trend continues overall, people in Germany are still keen to get their two wheels. 

This is despite the rising cost of living, during which bikes are still “hoch im Kurs” (in great demand) and are being recognised as a great way to save money, according to ZIV director Burkhard Stork.

Announcing the annual figures, Stork urged that politicians in Germany should “not forget the bicycle and must finally fully recognise its potential”. 

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