Germany’s youth culture pass extended for second year

Germany’s youth culture pass extended for second year

Germany’s Minister of Culture Claudia Roth has announced that the country’s culture pass (KulturPass) for 18-year-olds has been extended to apply to those born in 2006.

German culture pass continued for second year

German Culture Minister Claudia Roth (Greens) has announced that the culture pass, initially made available to teens turning 18 in 2023, will also be available to those who are turning 18 in 2024. 

From March this year, anyone born in 2006 can apply for the voucher - which entitles holders to cinema, concert and gallery visits up to the value of 100 euros - for free.

It is also possible to buy books and vinyl with the cultural pocket money. Museums, memorial sights, churches and botanical gardens are included in the scheme, as well as the opportunity to use the voucher to buy an instrument at participating music shops. Around 700 cultural events and organisations across the country are taking part in the KulturPass scheme.

Streaming platforms are also included, but since the money must be spent “locally”, the voucher can only be used on German platforms and subscription services. Netflix, Spotify and Amazon are excluded.

KulturPass value reduced following budget crisis

However, in light of the German budget crisis that dominated the headlines throughout the winter, teens turning 18 this year will be a little worse off than their seniors. In 2023, fresh 18-year-olds were granted a voucher to the value of 200 euros, now the same culture pass will only be worth 100 euros.

Teens can download the Kultur-Pass App on all app platforms and access their pass with an eID.

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