Haribo is now selling gummy bears sorted by colour

Haribo is now selling gummy bears sorted by colour

Haribo is now selling gummy bears sorted by colour

If you’re a Haribo gummy bear fan, you’ll be familiar with the age-old dilemma: some flavours just don’t taste as good as others. Well, you asked, and German sweet company delivered - for a limited time only, you can buy special edition packs containing only your favourite bear flavour. 

Colour-sorted gummy bears are here!

Are you an orange, strawberry, raspberry, apple, lemon or pineapple kind of person? Whichever your favourite, all six are now available in single-variety packs! You can get your hands on a bag either through Haribo’s online shop or at selected supermarket. The 75g packets are on sale for 49 cents at shops like Netto and Rewe. 

Haribo in financial trouble?

While the limited-edition packets are surely good news for everyone who loves the white bears but really can’t stand the orange, there is some indication that the move could be a sign that Haribo is in trouble. The popular sweet company, based in Bonn, reported earlier this year that German sales of Haribo products fell by three percent in the first half of the year. 

The cynics out there might therefore say that the single-variety packets are just a thinly-veiled attempt to get us out stockpiling colour-sorted sweeties (Haribo did not reveal exactly how long the special bags will be on sale for), but we like to think they are really looking out for their customers. Who even likes the orange ones anyway?

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