Lufthansa pilot draws penis in the sky above Sicily

Lufthansa pilot draws penis in the sky above Sicily

A Lufthansa pilot has been caught forming a penis journey over Sicily as a flight from Frankfurt waited to land - and it is not the first time this has happened.

German pilot paints penis in the sky

Naiveté and spontaneity may wane with age, but the childish urge to draw a penis on anything accompanies even the most mature of us well into adulthood.

Last week, one Lufthansa pilot succumbed to his inner child, drawing a giant penis in the skies above Catania, Sicily. The flight, which had travelled from Frankfurt, had been instructed to hover in the nearby skies while delays and disruptions caused by a nearby fire blocked up a landing opportunity at the airport.

A phallic form of protest?

The pilot had not had the easiest day of it, with the Frankfurt-Catania flight eventually being diverted to Malta. It was before making the diversion that the pilot chose to leave a personalised, 24-kilometre-long message in the skies, which was soon visible on the flight radar.

Despite the series of events, Lufthansa and the pilot have claimed that the shape was not intentional, but a coincidence caused by the plane flying in high winds.

Strangely, it is not the first time such events have occurred. Back in 2020, another Lufthansa pilot was caught doing a similarly obscene drawing in the skies over Bremen.

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