Olaf Scholz injured after jogging accident, asks the internet for memes

Olaf Scholz injured after jogging accident, asks the internet for memes

After an unlucky jogging accident, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz posted a picture of himself on X wearing an eye patch and appealed to the German public to lift his mood with some memes.

Scholz wears eyepatch following jogging accident

Olaf Scholz has posted a portrait of himself wearing an eye patch on X, explaining that he has had an accident while jogging over the weekend.

Captioning the picture, which shows the chancellor smiling in a suit, wearing an eyepatch and with visible red scratches on the right side of his face, Scholz wrote, “Wer den Schaden hat…” a reference to the saying “Wer den Schaden hat, braucht für den Spott nicht zu sorgen”, meaning “One should not mock the afflicted”. 

“I’m looking forward to the memes,” Scholz continued. “Thank you for the well wishes, it looks worse than it is!” In the past, Scholz has told the media that he came to sports later in life. While he is a fan of jogging and rowing, the chancellor has said that he hated sports during his time at school.

Internet replies with Scholz eyepatch memes

Naturally, the internet responded to Scholz’s request for memes to lift his spirits following the injury.

Some low-hanging fruit, one user added the logo of Germany’s Piraten Partei, which focuses on issues to do with political transparency, online censorship and digital democracy, over the top of Scholz’s portrait.

German broadcaster ZDF responded with a Pirates of the Caribbean-based meme, while others suggested that Scholz now looked the part to play a Bond villain.

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