Send your letters to the Easter Bunny in Germany

Send your letters to the Easter Bunny in Germany

Spring is on its way, and that means Easter is coming around too! Though this year may not bring the Easter we planned for, there is one thing that’s still the same: letters to the Easter Bunny! 

Children can send their letters to a post office in Ostereistedt

A group of volunteers at the post office in Ostereistedt are ready and waiting to receive thousands of letters addressed to the Easter Bunny, from children all across Germany. Last year they even received 1.500 letters from abroad. 

From Monday, February 22, the post office will be taking children’s letters and hand-painted pictures. The Easter Bunny Hanni Hase will read each letter carefully, respond with warm Easter greetings, and give the children an update on what’s going on in the post office in the run-up to the national holiday. The Easter Bunny also sends each child a little surprise along with the reply! 

Send your letters to the Easter Bunny

A similar tradition to the posting of Christmas wish lists to Santa's post office in Himmelpfort, Germany's Easter post office has been open every year since 1982 and attempts to teach children the importance of writing letters. 

Last year, the Easter Bunny received an amazing 40.000 letters, even during the coronavirus pandemic. To make sure the Easter Bunny has a chance to reply, send your letter so that it arrives at the post office in Ostereistedt no later than March 29, one week before Good Friday. 

Send your letters to: 

Hanni Hase
Am Waldrand 12



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