[Video] German idioms you shouldn't take too literally

[Video] German idioms you shouldn't take too literally

As most people know, the German language has an abundant supply of idiomatic sayings, which bring a dash of expression and colour to everyday speech.

However, there are a vast number of German idioms which you really shouldn't take literally - no one expects you to be listening for your pig whistling or to play the offended liver sausage in real life!

If you are busy learning German at the moment, then you are bound to come across all sorts of idioms. But before you accidentally stick your foot in your mouth when talking to your new German co-worker or neighbour, take a look at this YouTube video by Rachel Stewart, who unpacks some of the more unusual German idioms for Deutsche Welle.

Once you manage to master some of these idioms, you’re sure to impress all your German friends. How many of these idioms did you already know? Have you used them before? Let us know in the comments below!

Vivian Hendriksz


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