German university now offers a Master's in spying

German university now offers a Master's in spying

This week, the first-ever class of students enrolled in Germany’s new “Master’s in spying” course arrived in Berlin. Over the next two years, they will be given the essential knowledge, skills and training to become world-class intelligence agents, leaving us with only one question - where do we sign up? 

Germany’s new Master’s in intelligence

The course they’re enrolled in, the Intelligence and Security Studies Master’s, is offered jointly by the Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences and the Bundeswehr University of Munich. It has been designed to help improve the quality of Germany’s various intelligence services.

It may sound like a standard qualification, but with students taking part in top-secret lessons held in high-security buildings, it’s clear this is no ordinary higher education - and it all sounds quite exciting!

Two years of spy training

Over the course of two years, students will gain a thorough grounding in the “principles and methods of intelligence and security-related work”. Modules cover anything from intelligence collection and analysis to cyber defence and terrorism research. 

Aside from perfecting the art of cutting eye-holes in newspapers, the students will apparently cover security-relevant issues from all angles, including law, psychology, political science, computer science, history and sociology. Pretty heavyweight. 

Not everyone can apply

But, before you start writing out an application - there’s just one snag. Entrance onto the course is limited to those who are employed by Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, military counterintelligence service, domestic intelligence service, or armed forces. Anyone working for the police or civil service is also welcome to apply. 

As if that weren’t enough, applicants are then thoroughly vetted by admissions staff - as are all the lecturers. It looks like we’ll have to find another way to get the James Bond experience of our dreams… 



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