27 year old rides e-scooter on the German autobahn

27 year old rides e-scooter on the German autobahn

With inconceivable determination not to miss the party, a 27-year-old man has been caught riding an e-scooter along the autobahn between Braunschweig and Hanover.

Young man rides e-scooter on autobahn

A 27-year-old man was recently caught by police riding his e-scooter to a petrol station on the autobahn 2 route between Braunschweig and Hanover in Lower Saxony.

On his way to a festival, the young driver explained to the authorities that he had been given no other choice but to make the venture since his car had run out of petrol. He explained that he planned to go and buy some more to take it back to the parked car.

The man had decided to make the dangerous journey because he and his three friends were in a rush to make the event and didn’t have time to wait for help to arrive.

Police confiscate e-scooter from autobahn rider

Once he had explained his story to the authorities, police helped the man and his friends push the car from a hard shoulder on the road to a secure parking spot.

Pleased with his newfound chumminess with the police the man announced that he would make the e-scooter trip again to go get some petrol. Sure enough, the police told him that they would in fact confiscate the scooter, which was not insured

The man is now facing charges for riding the e-scooter without insurance and for riding it on the autobahn.

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MarkWilson2 21:54 | 7 August 2023

The surprise isn't that he's on the autobahn but that he's a 27 year-old still riding a scooter...