Hyperloop: Frankfurt to Amsterdam airport in just 50 minutes

Hyperloop: Frankfurt to Amsterdam airport in just 50 minutes

It’s not here yet, but it could be soon! Dutch company Hardt Hyperloop is working with authorities in Germany and the Netherlands to realise the first hyperloop - a high-speed vacuum tube mode of transport - between the major airports of Frankfurt and Amsterdam. So if you're working in Germany and living in the Netherlands, travelling may soon be a breeze!

An innovative mode of transport

Reaching speeds of up to 1.000 km/h, the hyperloop would allow passengers to travel the 450-kilometre journey between these airports in just 50 minutes. Using regular transport, this journey currently takes around four hours. According to a company spokesperson, having a hyperloop in place would ensure that flights “would no longer be necessary.''

The company behind this innovative mode of transport, Hardt Hyperloop, was founded by a group of students at Dutch university TU Delft. Despite being relatively young, they have already attracted the support of some powerful influencers, including Tesla pioneer Elon Musk.

Alternative to short flights from Germany

A representative from North-Holland, Elisabeth Post, expresses that the possibility of using the hyperloop as an alternative to short-distance flights between major airports is currently being considered. “North-Holland wants to support this innovation,” she said. “We are sympathetic to the initiative.”

The province has already contributed 50.000 euros to the project, and is considering further financial cooperation starting from 2020. The possibilities offered by the hyperloop will be investigated over the coming year, considering how it can fit into existing infrastructure, and the costs involved.

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