Munich police shut down child's birthday party with 100+ guests

Munich police shut down child's birthday party with 100+ guests

There’s bending the rules, there’s unwittingly breaking them - and then there’s throwing a birthday bash for your kid and inviting 100 guests. Police in Munich were forced to break up a very well-attended birthday party on the weekend, and have warned others against flouting restrictions. 

Munich police called to break up child’s first birthday party

More than 100 people gathered together in a restaurant in Munich last Friday, to celebrate the first birthday of an apparently very popular child. After receiving a number of calls, police arrived at the restaurant on Grünwalder Straße in Obergiesing at 4.30 pm and shut down the party, clearing the restaurant and sending everyone home. 

Both the restaurant’s manager and the party’s organiser stand accused of violating the Bavarian Infection Protocol Ordinance. If the restaurant owner cannot present a suitable protection and hygiene concept, they face a fine of 5.000 euros - plus an additional 5.000 euros if the minimum distance between guests was not observed. Each guest at the party also faces a fine of at least 150 euros. 

Police stepping up controls in Munich city centre

It might have been the most flagrant, but the party wasn’t the only instance of people breaking the rules in the Bavarian capital on the weekend. Police said they stopped 600 passersby in Munich city centre on Saturday. In 180 cases, officers asked the individuals in question to leave the area. They also issued 380 verbal warnings and made 45 official reports. 

Up until Sunday, the regulation in Munich was that private celebrations such as weddings and birthday parties were limited to a maximum of five people or two households. From Monday onwards, catering establishments will be closed, and gatherings in both public and private places will be limited to a maximum of 10 people from up to two separate households. 



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