New direct train line planned from Berlin to Rome

New direct train line planned from Berlin to Rome

As part of an EU initiative to expand train lines across continental Europe, a new, direct, long-distance train line between Berlin and Rome is now planned for 2025. A further 10 trans-European lines will be part of the pilot project.

Direct Berlin to Rome train is on its way

All roads may lead to Rome, but getting there from Berlin for a reasonable price in 2023 comes with varying but substantial discomfort. The 1.500-kilometre trip can currently be done by driving non-stop for 16 hours or taking a 15-20 hour train journey with five plus changes.

And while opting for a two-hour flight can seem the most welcoming, beginning the amorous adventure of your own Roman Holiday on a 4:30am trip to the airport and a 12,99 Ryanair flight may be one of the least romantic activities one could imagine.

But that’s all about to change. From December 2025, a direct train from Berlin to Rome will hit the tracks thanks to a new EU initiative to develop 10 new train routes across Europe. Run by Deutsche Bahn and Trenitalia, the line will pass south from Berlin through Munich, Innsbruck, Trento, Verona, Bologna and Florence before arriving in Rome.

Daily Berlin-Italy trains from 2025

The EU parliament is planning to run the route with Italian trains on a daily basis from December 2025. A substantial 480.000 passengers per year are already expected when the line opens.

Before the route is up and running however, the three collaborating train companies, Deutsche Bahn, the Austrian ÖBB and Italian Trenitalia must first investigate the compatibility of the Italian trains with the Austrian and German networks.

The EU pilot project will have nine additional routes across Europe, including a new route from Amsterdam to Barcelona and a Flixtrain from Munich to Zurich. If the project is successful, the EU hopes that train travel across European borders will become easier and more affordable.

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