Pfand raiders: Men steal car to recycle plastic bottles

Pfand raiders: Men steal car to recycle plastic bottles

Two men, who admitted being under the influence of drugs, decided to undertake a daring, yet potentially rewarding, crime. The two ruffians stole a 30-year-old car upon seeing it was stuffed with recyclable plastic bottles.

Carjackers intent on recycling

Two men in Berlin stole a car last weekend, but they had no intention of keeping it. Police reported that the two men had stolen the 30-year-old Honda because they noticed several recyclable plastic bottles inside. Their plan was to drive to a location where they could deposit the plastic bottles in return for cash (Pfand) and then abandon the vehicle.

Germany, like many other European countries, maintains a deposit scheme for recyclable bottles, where customers can redeem the bottles at certain recycling points for cash or coupons. Customers can receive between 8 and 25 cents per container.

The two would-be thieves, aged 41 and 31, managed to start the car but ended up in a chase with the cops, after police were alerted by their dangerous driving. The driver collided twice with parked cars while trying to escape. After the second collision, the men continued their escape on foot.

Suspects investigated over drugs and explosives

Once the police had apprehended the carjackers, they found tools, prohibited fireworks and drugs on them. The men also admitted to being high on drugs at the time the crime had been committed and taking heroin together. The police have now placed the two men under investigation for theft, illegal motor racing, two hit-and-runs, as well as violation of explosives and narcotics laws.

The owner of the stolen car was reunited with their Honda after the suspects had been apprehended.

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