Summer making a comeback with 30 degrees forecast in Germany

Summer making a comeback with 30 degrees forecast in Germany

Summer making a comeback with 30 degrees forecast in Germany

It’s no exaggeration to say that the German weather has been a bit mad recently: the whiplash-worthy switch from a record-setting, blistering heat wave to a chilly week in which the thermometer barely cracked 20 degrees (and a new record July low of 2,9 degrees was set) has left us all scratching our heads. Thankfully, however, some normal summer weather is finally coming back to Germany, meaning we can look forward to warmer temperatures and sunshine this week! 

Warm temperatures heading for Germany

The reason for this change in the weather is a friendly bank of high pressure that will push temperatures in Germany above the 25 degree mark for the first time in what seems like an age. From the middle of this week onwards, temperatures of up to 30 degrees are possible, according to estimates by the German Weather Service (DWD). 

The high-pressure influence will benefit those in the south most of all, who will be basking in the sun from today until at least the end of next week. However, as is typical for Germany, the high pressure also brings with it the threat of rain, so expect things to get humid as well as hot. There may also be some thundery showers. 

Outlook this week: sun and showers

On Wednesday, July 17, the DWD is forecasting highs of between 22 and 29 degrees. While the south of Germany will stay sunny and dry, the northern coastal regions will be cloudier and cooler, with a few drops of rain. Over the course of Thursday, these patches of rain will spread eastwards to cover the whole country, as we experience intervals of hot sunshine and thundery showers, with temperatures remaining between 24 and 29 degrees. 

By Friday, these thunderstorms will hopefully have blown themselves out, making the day dry and sunny, with only a few clouds, in most parts of the country. The temperatures will rise to around the 30-degree mark, and minimal winds mean that it could feel much hotter. 

Clouds clearing over weekend

Over the weekend, the temperature is expected to climb to highs of between 25 and 33 degrees, with a smattering of heavy showers or thunderstorms. It will be cloudier in the northwest, but by Sunday this is expected to clear, so that the second half of the weekend and the start of next week will hopefully be sunny for all. 

Thankfully, these warmer temperatures are expected to last well into the following week, at least up until Friday, July 26. So it may finally be time to pack away that coat for good!  



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