Two German cities named among most liberal in the world

Two German cities named among most liberal in the world

A study has revealed the most liberal cities in the world - and Germany has managed to land itself two spots in the top 10. Both Berlin and Cologne have been praised for their liberal openness and support for the LGBTQI+ community. 

The ranking took into account various indicators

The ranking, which was created by the online magazine, took into account several indicators, including how many gay bars, sex shops, LGBT events and gay pride parades each city has. Aside from this, the survey also looked at the legality of gay marriage, gender rights and the legality of sex work. 

Members of the LGBTIQ+ community often face discrimination due to their gender identity and / or sexual orientation in many aspects of their lives, from finding housing, to workplace discrimination and even in the eyes of the law, especially regarding issues such as the right to marry or change gender. 

Despite Germany making progress with the rights of LGBTQI+ people over recent years, the country still has some way to go. According to Human Rights Watch researcher Cristian González Cabrera, “Germany’s current procedure for gender recognition is out of tune with developments in international law and medical science”. 

German city of Cologne in second place

While the overall winner of the ranking was New York city, the city of Cologne came in second place. The German city was awarded its position in the ranking, in part, due to the Gay Pride parade that it holds each year. Cologne is also home to several queer clubs, gay bars and frequent parties and celebrations of the LGBTQI+ community. 

Berlin came just behind Cologne in third place, for many of the same reasons as Cologne. Berlin is also well-known for its annual trade show “Venus”, showcasing the best of erotic entertainment and lifestyle. The ranking also acknowledged the importance of safety and equality for the LGBTQI+ community, adding that many of the places in its top 10 were safe spaces for straight people, too. 

World’s most sexually liberal cities list 2021

According to’s 2021 survey, the top ten most liberal cities in the world are:

  • 1. New York
  • 2. Cologne
  • 3. Berlin
  • 4. Madrid
  • 5. Los Angeles
  • 6. San Francisco
  • 7. London
  • 8. Amsterdam 
  • 9. Montreal
  • 10. Atlanta

For the full ranking, and more information on the survey, visit

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