Berlin politicians suggest building on golf courses to remedy housing crisis

Berlin politicians suggest building on golf courses to remedy housing crisis

In response to Mayor Kai Wegner’s suggestion that the edges of Tempelhofer Feld should be used to build more housing, Green politicians in Berlin are proposing the city use golf course land instead.

Green politicians suggest building houses on Berlin golf courses

Green Party politicians in Berlin are suggesting that the city build housing on three golf courses in the capital in order to help ease its desperate housing crisis.

The suggestion has come as a response to Kai Wegner’s support for building on the edges of Tempelhofer Feld. Back in 2014, locals voted to keep the area, which is twice the size of Monaco and is used as a public park, free from development. Now, Wegner argues that the situation has changed and Berliners should be asked their opinions on the matter once more.

The Greens are arguing that since golf is played by a minority of Berliners and Tempelhof is a unique and beloved hangout in the city, the government should instead build on the capital’s three golf courses, which together amount to an area slightly smaller than that of the former airport.

Only one golf course actually belongs to Berlin

Speaking to the dpa, Green politician June Tomiak pointed out that 186 hectares of Berlin are currently dedicated to the hobby of the well-heeled. The problem is that the city of Berlin only owns 72 of those hectares.

While the Golf Resort in Berlin-Pankow is owned by the city, the other two courses in Berlin are owned by private companies, but in the opinion of Green Youth spokesperson Kasimir Heldmann, it's time to stop playing games. “Golf courses are a luxury in times of water scarcity and species extinction, which puts the fun of a few over the future viability of the entire city,” Heldmann said, “We have to ask ourselves if we can still afford this luxury”.

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