5th Frankfurt Bee Festival

5th Frankfurt Bee Festival

Sep 28, 2019
Botanical Garden Frankfurt am Main, Siesmayerstrasse 72, 60323
Free admission

5th Frankfurt Bee Festival

Taking place for the fifth time, the annual Bee Festival just keeps getting bigger and better each year! Set in the beautiful Botanical Garden (Botanischen Garten) in the city of Frankfurt, the event aims to highlight the scoop of Frankfurt’s beekeeping to the public and to strengthen awareness of the important role bees play.

Honey Bee

Friends of the city bees come together

The Frankfurt Bee Festival educates and celebrates the significant part bees play within our ecosystem while promoting ways to counter the threat of species extinction. As beekeeping continues to become more and more diverse to aid the survival of the bees in a changing world, the Frankfurt Bee Festival showcases all the modern possibilities. 

Organised by the initiative “Frankfurt Bee Festival”, the festival is overseen by experienced beekeeper Thorsten Herget and amateur beekeeper Sebastian. 

Learn more about beekeeping

Expect to see traditional beekeeping methods, like the classic hives, as well as bee boxes and Warrè loot beehives in their natural habitat. The first beekeeping tree in the middle of a European city was established in Frankfurt’s Botanical Garden in 2016 for the honey-bees and since then the natural nesting site has flourished.

In addition to learning everything about bees and beekeeping, there will also be a natural fair-trade market set up, offering bee-related products (including local honey!), regional food and drinks.


Vive la Beevolution at the Frankfurt Bee Festival 

Ready to learn all about how to start bee-keeping? Or how to make your balcony / garden more bee-friendly? Good news, the Botanical Garden is easily reached by public transport as well as by bike. As there is no direct parking option by the garden, we do recommend you use a more eco-friendly option. 

For all the details concerning the event, please head on over the Frankfurt Bee Festival website.

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