Berlin Food Week

Berlin Food Week

Oct 21, 2019Oct 27, 2019
Various locations
Free admission to House of Food / Various prices

Berlin Food Week

If you are a food lover, then this is definitely the festival for you! Berlin Food Week is one of Germany’s most diverse food festivals, bringing together chefs, restaurants, food entrepreneurs, manufacturers and brands from across the globe for a week of experimentation, tasting and celebration of food.

Taking place for the 6th time, the food festival acts as a platform for the local food industry, promoting what the city of Berlin has to offer when it comes to nutrition, quality and most of all, enjoyment in food. All participants share a passion for trying new combinations, mixing styles and experiencing the local food metropolis with all its culinary facets.

Berlin Food Week - Bikini House

Taste all the delicious food Berlin has to offer

Encompassing several events across the city, one of the main focuses for this year’s Berlin Food Week is the House of Food, one of the best marketplaces you will ever visit. On Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th, the House of Food will welcome more than 60 manufacturers, brands and start-up, who will share their products with the public.

Throughout the week, the Miele Experience Centre will be turned into the city’s largest cooking school, hosting a number of cooking demonstrations and classes for any interested foodie or ambitious hobby chef. Mercedes-Benz has also created a full and varied programme for the food festival, revolving around the culinary cinema.

Berlin Food Week

Sample the best of Berlin's cuisine at Berlin Food Week

What’s more, 60 selected restaurants in Berlin will be offering a unique menu during the food festival, created around the theme of the Golden Twenties, as part of the City Menu. Expect to try out decadent combinations, like Eggs Benedict with lobster! A special dinner, curated by Renate Künast and Eva-Maria Hilker and prepared by Data Kitchen chef Alexander Brosin will also take place on the 23rd.

Berlin Food Week 2019

Attending Berlin Food Week

Have we managed to whet your appetite yet? For more details on the separate events of the Berlin Food Festival, to book your spot at a Miele cooking workshop or to purchase cinema tickets, please visit the official Berlin Food Week website