Carnival of Cultures Berlin

Carnival of Cultures Berlin

Jun 07, 2019Jun 10, 2019

Carnival of Cultures Berlin

The Carnival of Cultures is open to all forms of cultural expression, in the apt setting of the culturally diverse Kreuzberg area of Berlin.

Berlin's diverse international community

The world-famous Carnival of Cultures (Karneval der Kulturen) is a scene of brightly coloured costumes, dance, music and rituals. A global platform that supports empowerment and identity, with a space for both traditional and contemporary elements of performance, it is an event for people from all walks of life, young and old, professional and amateur, from any country in the world.

It is the go-to event for Berlin's diverse international community to make their cultures visible and for one and all to celebrate cultural diversity.

Carnival of Cultures street parade

The highlight of the festival is the Carnival of Cultures street parade on Pentecost Sunday, featuring thousands of dancers, musicians and street artists performing for a crowd of half a million. The street parade takes place on Sunday, June 9, beginning at 12.30pm at Yorckstraße / Großbeerenstraße and ending at 9pm at Hermannplatz.

Carnival of Cultures timetable

The carnival turns the streets of Kreuzberg into Berlin’s largest stage, challenging everyday ideas and conventions through captivating art and celebration. The Carnival of Cultures timetable is as follows:

  • Friday, June 7: 4pm-12am
  • Saturday, June 8: 11am-12am
  • Sunday, June 9: 11am-12am
  • Monday, June 10: 11am-7pm

Getting there

It is easy to access the Carnival of Cultures by public transport and it is equally convenient to go there by bike. Bicycles cannot be taken into the festival grounds, but there will be two free bicycle parks especially for the event.

Besides cycling, the festival organisers recommend walking or using the subways instead of taking your car, as traffic jams are expected. Subway lines U1, U3 and U6 to Hallesches Tor or Prinzenstraße are recommended.