2.040 babies born on February 29 in Germany, on average

2.040 babies born on February 29 in Germany, on average

The end of February 2020 is approaching, bringing with it a special occasion for Leaplings: finally being able to celebrate their birthdays on the day they were actually born. In honour of this once-every-four-years event, here are some fun facts about leap year babies in Germany. 

Leap day babies in Germany

"Leaplings" are individuals who are born on February 29. The official date of birth of a Leapling - as printed on their birth certificate - therefore only comes once every four years.

According to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), 2.040 babies are born in Germany on each February 29, on average. Since the average life expectancy of someone in Germany is 80 years, this would mean that these individuals would be able to celebrate their birthday on their official birth date around 20 times in their entire lives. 

How old are Leaplings, really?

Section 188 of the German Civil Code (BGB) states that children born on a leap day officially turn a year older on March 1, in the years where February 29 does not appear on the calendar.

Unfortunately, therefore, having only 20 birthdays does not mean you stay 20!

Chance of being born on a leap day

The possibility of being born on any day of the year is one in 365. However, since February 29 occurs only once every four years, the probability of being a leap day baby is even lower: one in 1461.

Therefore, approximately only 0,07 percent of the world’s population celebrate their birthday on a leap day.

10 famous German personalities with leap day birthdays

To round it all off, here are some German celebrities who happen to also be Leaplings:

  1. Benedikt Howedes (Footballer)
  2. Lena Gercke (Model)
  3. Albert V (Duke of Bavaria)
  4. Leo von Klenze (Architect)
  5. Cyrill Akono (Footballer)
  6. Margit Carstensen (Actress)
  7. Vanessa Jung (Actress)
  8. Herbert Ihering (Journalist and Theatre Critic)
  9. Gustav Friedrich Dinter (Theologian)
  10. Niclas Huschenbeth (Chess Player)
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