Bavarian animal park renames Putin the wild boar following Ukraine war

Bavarian animal park renames Putin the wild boar following Ukraine war

A wildlife park in the state of Bavaria has renamed one of its boars after the Russian invasion of Ukraine made the name seem inappropriate. The boar, which was previously known as Putin, has been given a new name by park staff. 

The boar is now known as Eberhofer

After the invasion began, park staff began to feel awkward calling the boar by its name in front of guests, and began discussions about how to best go about changing the pig’s name. Eventually the team opted to let the public decide on what the pig should be renamed in a vote held on the internet

While many netizens supported Ukrainian political alternatives such as “Zelenskyy” and “Klitschko”, staff at the park thought it would be best to avoid choosing a political name. The final choice approved by park staff was Eberhofer - the name of a police officer from a popular Bavarian book series.

Eberhofer is a Russian purebred Russian hog

Eberhofer’s old name was picked by the park's operator Eckard Mickisch. The name came from the fact that the boar is a purebred Russian hog weighing nearly 200 kilograms - more than twice as heavy as a German wild boar. 

Mickisch said that the park values a “feel good” atmosphere, and that given the current political climate, to continue calling the boar Putin seemed inappropriate. The park operator also expressed concern that if Ukrainian visitors to the attraction were to overhear staff call the boar Putin, it could be upsetting, adding that Ukrainian refugees are granted free admission to the park at Mehlmeisel.

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